Atlas provides a comprehensive suite of services focused on the continued growth and success of our television and digital media clients.



Media companies rely on research vendors, such as Nielsen, to provide numerous audience measurement services and vast amounts of data for their business needs. The cost of these services and data can represent 2% or more of a media company’s annual revenue, and so it has become increasingly important to ensure that those research portfolios are both beneficial and cost effective.


We provide a distinctive valuation service to optimize research portfolios and business terms for media companies as they negotiate research vendor proposals and agreements. Additionally, we offer a reconciliation service to ensure that the terms of research vendor agreements are properly implemented, and billing is correctly reconciled.  Our auditing service allows media companies to track invoices throughout the term of a vendor’s agreement to ensure accuracy, as well as categorize and assess expenditures for future negotiations. 



There is an overwhelming amount of data available to the media industry today and the need to utilize this valuable information efficiently and effectively.


We work with various data sources to simplify data analysis and to promote time and cost efficiencies through customized report outputs for at-a-glance intelligence and automated data reporting processes.  Additionally, we collaborate with IT teams on the design and development of in-house reporting systems providing input on data sources and report output.



Today’s media industry has become even more complex over the past decade especially as new technology and distribution platforms are introduced.  Media executives need to make well-informed decisions based on data and industry trends.


Our extensive Nielsen and industry experience allow us to provide unique data analytics and approaches to garner insights into today’s challenging issues.  We also offer informational presentations focusing on various aspects of the media industry ranging from historical overviews to perspectives on measurement methodologies, digital content distribution platforms and technology trends.




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