Atlas currently holds two granted patents and three patents pending.  The claims of these patents focus on the expansive utilities of passive audience measurement through sensory recognition technology and unique applications for monetizing digital content distribution.


Patents Granted:

Apparatus, system and method for audio-visual content viewing using advertisement credit, US 8656428 B2/US 9088810 B2


An alternative system and method for charging to provide audio visual services typically made available by providers, namely DVR services, rDVR services, on-demand services, broadcast and switch video television services, and pay-per-view services, for example. A customer/user may be enabled to access certain services from a provider in exchange for viewing one or more commercials, advertisements, overlays, watermarks, logos, or the like, preferably in real time, before, during, or following viewing an audio visual work provided in accordance with the services.


Patents Pending:

Passive Demographic Measurement Apparatus (PDMA), US 20120019643 A1


A passive demographic measurement apparatus, comprising an interface for coupling to a Microsoft Kinect®-type sensor, a network interface for sending information to remote device via a network, storage for storing information characteristic of sensed individuals and information sensed by the Kinect sensor, a clock for providing the time and duration of the sensed information, a messaging instruction storage storing instructions for use by the local device in sending data and messages to remote devices, an analysis engine for analyzing at least a portion of the sensed data, and a processor for processing raw and analyzed data for sending to a remote device and/or for sending a message to another device responsive to received sensed data.


Unified content delivery platform (UCDP), US 20160171569 A1


A computer-implemented uniform content delivery platform (UCDP) comprising a network interface for receiving content from suppliers and delivering content to consumers, a content storage for storing the content, storage for consumer information, consumer device information, delivery option data and information of content deliveries. The UCDP also comprises a content delivery transaction monitor and an analysis engine for analyzing transaction data. The UCDP uses the transaction data to charge content consumers, pay content suppliers, and modify content delivery options.


Targeted television advertisement and television programming control apparatus, system and method, US 20120304208 A1


A targeted television advertisement and television programming control apparatus, system and method, may include a biometric viewer tracker, a programming tracking server, and an advertisement server.

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